Ideas for new projects in Tvardiţa and Anenii Noi

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In November, the Moldovan municipalities of Tvardiţa and Anenii Noi held their Dialogues of Partners  in the framework of the Black Sea Regional Development Network project.  In both towns, the Dialogues of Partners were attended by representatives of local authorities, NGOs, educational institutions, entrepreneurs.  It is noteworthy that both Tvardiţa and Anenii Noi have only few registered public organizations, but locals are willing to gather into informal initiative groups to solve their problems together.

Aleona Veselovski, expert of the ‘Contact’  Centre who coordinates BRD-NET in Moldova, noticed in this regard that activists have great desire to work on local development projects in these towns, but they have  little experience and even  less successful examples. The activists therefore highly appreciate the assistance and information brought to their municipalities in the framework of the BRD-NET project.

Participants of the Dialogues discussed the following issues they qualified as essential: insufficiently developed infrastructure, lack of  leisure places, outdated equipment  at gyms and educational institutions. Cultural development is another important topic of the discussion, as both town have impressive potential.  For instance,  Tvardiţa is renowned for its Bulgarian choir, whose director has become one of the most active participants of the Local Development Group.