Gola Prystan makes a step forward to Europe

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10653430_811299978901258_4577123609050071774_nOn 9 September 2014, the Dialogue of Partners took place in Gola Prystan (Kherson oblast, Ukraine). The representatives of NGOs, government and businesses met to discuss the problems of the municipality and opportunities of the cross-sector partnership.

The Dialogue of Partners has gathered more than 20 people, including the City Council, heads of communal services, journalists and entrepreneurs. Many representatives of different NGOs took part in the Dialogue as well. Among them were such organizaions as “Velid”, “Golosytansky Kurin”, “Zeleni khutory”, “Sviata Olga” and others.

Among the issues that most concern citizens are:

  • low development of tourism despite the great potential of the locality
  • energy conservation
  • poor condition of roads and pavements
  • landscaping and public amenities in the town
  • reconstruction of the landfill for municipal solid waste

According to the mayor of Gola Prystan Anatoly Negra,

“The Dialogue of Partners is one step forward to Europe. European experience will help our community to solve problems successfully through close collaboration of the government, businesses and NGOs”.

The Dialogue of Partners in Gola Prystan gave birht to the Local Development Group that continue working on the problems and prospects of the municipality on an ongoing basis, and will progressively become a local experts community. Five members of the Group also expressed their intention to participate in the online project development course. The registration for the course is open until  30 September 2014 at en.develop.org.ua/course/


Contact details: Regional Development Centre ‘Top-Kaya’, tel.: +38 050 664 0616,
email: ukraine.tk@gmail.com, website: www.brd-net.org, FB page: www.facebook.com/BrdNet

The project is implemented by the Regional Development Centre ‘Top-Kaya’ in partnership with organizations from Georgia, Moldova and Visegrad countries, and is supported by the International Visegrad Fund www.visegradfund.org