Terjola in the Dialogue of Partners

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10801552_900862453259999_7764967240226573873_nIn November KutaisiEducationDevelopmentandEmploymentCenterhosted participants of the Dialogue of Partners. The 12 November 2014 representatives of local authorities of the town Terjola,  businessand media got together to discuss problems of the region and to analyze the ways of its solution. The participants discusses strong and weak points of the region.


Among weaknesses people mentioned:

  • Amortized water supplying system in villages and lack of irrigation systems
  • Absence of the sewage system in the town Terjola
  • Absence of the cleaning service in villages
  • Absence of the agricultural market and agricultural product manufacture
  • Unsuitable infrastructure for the tourism development and lack of researches and information about the natural resources existed in Terjola region
  • Lack of recreational places for youth and absence of the public lavatories
  • High migration in Capital City and abroad
  • Lack of windbreaks
  • Need of bank restoration on the rivers

1609969_900857139927197_4401369500183328023_nDuring the meeting all the participants were actively engaged into discussion. They had high motivation to support the process and to take part in the meeting follow-up activities as well.  Each participant had an opportunity to vote for the most priority problem, then three sub-groups for follow-up activities were formed. These groups will continue working out the problems and prospects of the town on an ongoing basis and will become kind of experts community. Some of the participants of the Group of Regional Development will take part in unique international on-line course devoted to project’s development

This meeting was organized in  the framework of the project BRD-NET (Black Sea Regional Development Network), which takes place in Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. The  essence of the project is to transfer the experience of regional development of the Visegrad countries to partner countries.