Samtredia in the Dialogue if Partners

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10624953_900343876645190_6687871729984694579_n (1) In November KutaisiEducationDevelopmentandEmploymentCenter during two days hosted  around 50 participants od the Dialogues of Partners. The 11  November 2014, the first day of the meeting was devoted to Samtredia community – representatives of local authorities, activists, media and business met to discuss problems and prospects of the municipality.

During the problem identification the main focus was on the ones that need the urgent solution and at the same time are in capacity of local municipality.

The listed problems were the following:

  • Poor condition of sewage system
  • Poor water proving system (the existing system is amortized, 60% of population use the technical water for domestic purposes)
  • Poor drain system
  • Need of shore protection works on the Rioni River, which grabbes the land after the flooding
  • Absence of a landfill that meets modern standards
  • The problem of stray dogs and high risks of wild animals’ invasion in villages
  • Bad conditions in kindergartens, absence of the modern standardized heating systems in the kindergartens (wood stoves are still used)
  • Absence of the ambulances in villages and regional centers
  • Absence of veterinary service
  • Bad transport connection in villages

10346308_900377896641788_3800274038317877065_n (1)The facilitators of the Dialogue observed the lack of experience in planning the project idea. Namely the group members have been mixing such a project proposal components as needs assessment, formulation of project goals and objectives, the activities and expected outcomes.  They have understood the urgent need of additional skills in this field. As a result of meeting three sub-groups were formed  for follow-up activities in solution identified problems of the municipality. The next three meetings will be carried out in Samtredia municipality. Each sub-group will work on identified problem, develop project proposals via using the knowledge gained at the on-line training

This event is  a part of the  project BRD-NET (Black Sea Regional Development Network), which takes place in Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.  The project is realized by the Centre of Regional Development «Top Kaya» and with support of the Visegrad Fund.  The project is aimed to develop the capacity of  non-governmental organizations and strengthen intersectoral partnership between Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia through  transfer of the Visegrad countries experience.