Construct the change: new project in HolaPrystan

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IMG_3832 (1) (1)The project BRD-NET: Transfer of Visegrad experience in regional development
to Black Sea EaP countries
, showed its successful outcomes: Polish and Ukrainian partners will continue working together on future projects.

On January 14-16, 2015  HolaPrysan, Kherson oblast,  hosted working group, consisted of representatives of Development Policy Foundation/FundacjaPolitykiRozwojowej (Warsaw, Poland) and architects (Warsaw, Poland). The group presented to local authorities and  CSOs/NGOsthe project entitled Construct the change: citizen-monitoring in HolaPrystan, Kherson Obl.: a boost for a tangible social engagement: V4 for Ukraine.

The current project focuses on establishment and mainstreaming of workable civil-monitoring empowerment scheme, enabling various segments of public of HolaPrystan, Kherson Obl., Southern Ukraine, to engage in problem reporting and  local decision-making process, concerning both the strategies issues as well as the specifics of the selected public space arrangements and investments.

IMG_3885 (1)The example of public space related e-tool was presented on the meeting. The alerts will be reported via the created application e.g. waste, lighting, neglected sites, embankment, holes, accessibility problems, permanent leaking/puddles etc. The application will be managed in cross-sectoral partnership of NGOs –local authorities.

The aim of the meeting was to discuss with local community the most tangible public space related problems in order to improve the application and to make it more suitable to HolaPrystan reality.

The finalized application will be presented to the general public  during Visegrad Fund’s Partners conference of on February in HolaPrysan, Kherson oblast.