February 23, 2015 in Hola Prystan, Kherson oblast, Ukraine was the presentation of new web GOPRI+

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gopriGOPRI+  (http://gopriplus.org/) is created in frame of the project Construct the change: citizen-monitoring in Hola Prystan, Kherson Obl.: a boost for a tangible social engagement: V4 for Ukraine, which is funded by Visegrad Fund www.visegradfund.org

Representatives of HolaPrystan City Council, utilities, civic organizations, business and media were invited to the presentation. The project was presented by V4 experts: Wojtek Szpocinski, Lech Siedelnik (Poland), Annamaria Kekesi (Hungary) and Eduard Miskuf (Slovakia)


GOPRI+ web is a city map, where locals and guests can point any issues relating to urban space. For ease of use, there were identified seven categories of problems: flooding, availability to infrastructure, greening, garbage, lighting, infrastructure for recreation and other. Using the phone or computer, anyone can upload a photo, describe the problem and mark the place on the map.


“Similar projects have already started and working abroad. So now, here the project was started, which will monitor, identify and solve problems that concern locals. It will be bright example of partnership and interaction between local government and society” – pointed Woitek Szpocinski, Development Policy Foundation


After six weeks three main problems will be selected and Visegrad experts together with Hola Prystan’s initiative groups will work out the ways of their solution.Alsotodefinethemostpressingproblem the voting will be organized. Theissue gainedmostofpointswillbedeeplyinvestigated and described in project proposal to fundraise resources for its resolving.


Website will continue to operate and issues identified in it, will be resolved by organization in charge: either  City Council or businesses, organizations or residents of Hola Prystan.


“We cannot always leave our places and explore each problem, so this website allows us to react quickly. After all, in town there are such a problems, which we can solve by our own – and these problems we will resolve all together.  We thank our partners from Visegrad counties for their support andcooperation, which will last, we hope, more than one year” – summarized the mayor Anatoliy Negra.


In June, initiators of the project will visit Hola Prystan again to sum up web GOPRI+ implementation and begin to address pressing problems.