Grand opening of the ferry pavillion in Hola Prystan

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On 27 December 2015, a press-conference was gathered to draw the conclusions of the project titled “Design the change: Modernization of the public space in Hola Prystan, Kherson oblast, Ukraine”. The project was financed by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the framework of the Polska Pomoc programme, and was implemented by the Polish Development Policy Foundation, the Ukrainian Regional Development Centre ‘Top-Kaya’, the Design Group ‘+48’ from Warsaw and the City Council of Hola Prystan.

The project in Hola Prystan started in February 2015. At the beginning, in order to collect information from the local community members, a website was developed to allow everyone mark public space problems that required attention. The problems were divided into a number of categories: flooding, access infrastructure, waste management, lightening, greenery, leisure infrastructure and ‘other’.

Based on the alerts submitted by the residents, the main problems were selected and some simple solutions were suggested to improve the local public space. The residents further voted to choose one from among these suggestions. The main problem thus selected was the isolation of the Bilohrudov island inhabitants from the rest of the town. The citizens decided that the first step to tackle this problem was to erect a shelter at the ferry stop.

The design of the pavilion was developed jointly by Polish and Czech architects, with participation of a Hola Prystan municipal council’s architect. The construction lasted from October to December 2015. The project strived to create a sample of the modern European architecture, which would not only be a ferry shelter but also a meeting and leisure point for the local community. The pavilion is equipped with a solar panel, a Wi-Fi access spot and a security camera. The overall value of the construction is EUR 20,000.

This project continued the cooperation launched by the Regional Development Centre ‘Top-Kaya’ with the Polish Development Policy Fund and other partners in the framework of the BRD-Net project, where Hola Prystan participated as one of the pilot municipalities.