A new Polish-Ukrainian project will be launched on 23 May in Nova Kakhovka (Kherson oblast, Ukraine)

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The new project of cooperation between the Development Policy Foundation (Warsaw) and the Regional Development Centre “Top-Kaya”, titled “Arch & Engineering LAB: Introduction of Polish creative solutions, technology and engineering to public space in Ukraine” will be implemented throughout 2016, in cooperation with local authorities and the local Regional Development Agency of Nova Kakhovka.

The project aims at finding architectural responses to the questions raised by the local community with regard to ​​public space improvement and creating equal opportunities for various groups of population, including people with special needs, children, mothers, the elderly, etc.

The project activities are built around the design philosophy that provides for a joint needs formulation and a joint search for solutions, with participation of all stakeholders, in particular through surveys and public consultation. These include both online tools created specifically for the project, and charrette consultations at public events, with “live” models and presentations for all prospective beneficiaries of public spaces to be created.

Based on the results of consultations, Polish architects and engineers will conduct joint workshops for their young colleagues from Ukraine and Poland, and acquaint them with affordable alternative materials and technologies used in construction and improvement of public space in Poland.

To conduct public consultation and workshops, and formulate architectural design solutions, the project will involve young Polish architectural studios that have been awarded and recognized in Poland and abroad.

The final conference will help summarize architectural achievements, present materials used and solutions found, and discuss the quality and perspectives of public space development in Ukraine.