Promoting Ethnic Tolerance in Three Multi-Cultural Regions of Ukraine

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The project was aimed at developing and testing teaching techniques and methodologies incorporating multiculturalism and tolerance promotion by bringing together people from those Ukrainian regions where culture- and ethnic-based divergences require particular attention of governmental and civil society organizations.

Throughout the project, the selected teachers were prepared through intensive training for trainers to acquire both coaching skills and tolerance learning knowledge. The events were conducted in three target regions: Chernivtsi, Crimea and Zakarapttia, to better immerse the participants into the context of each location. Later, over a hundred new teachers were coached by their more experienced peers and fresh trainers to easy the transfer of practical knowledge and hands-on skills.

Based on the materials, results and feedback, a Trainer’s Manual, for interested teachers and community leaders was prepared and distributed. The Trainer’s Manual was designed to facilitate the organization of wider learning processes, individual trainings and interactive sessions on tolerance. It contains methodologies, ready-made scenarios, tips and life-based examples of practical exercises.

As the result of the project, through training for trainers and further own training practices, the participants mastered effective techniques of adult and senior high school education and acquired a set of tested practical tools to teach tolerance. They are expected to further act as “multipliers” and disseminate knowledge and experience among their colleagues but also directly teach tolerance or incorporate its aspects into other educational activities. Moreover, the active interaction of participants from different regions during the project helped destroy certain stereotypes, while the links and networks established will certainly help further exchange, and in the log run, enhance socio-cultural understanding and cohesion of the country.

The project was financially supported by the Democracy Grants Program of the Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine.