Architectural solutions to the needs of Nova Kakhovka community

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18 August – In Nova Kakhovka, Kherson region, the public space around a water source on the river bank has been equipped and improved thanks to public consultations, architectural ideas and Polish equipment. The source, which was a favourite spot of the city residents, has now become more comfortable and safe to visit.

Within the framework of the Ukrainian-Polish cooperation, the Development Policy Foundation (Fundacja Polityki Rozwojowej) from Warsaw, together with the Regional Development Centre “Top-Kaya” and the Communal Enterprise “Regional Development Agency” of Nova Kakhovka, implemented a project “Introduction and promotion of Polish creative, technical and design approaches and solutions to public space in Ukraine”.

At the initial stage, the organizers designed the website for public consultations in Nova Kakhovka – every citizen could leave suggestions as to improving urban space: infrastructure, special planning, ​​cultural heritage protection and so on. The local authorities continuously monitor the alerts appearing on the electronic resource and take them into account in their own work planning.

Through the website, the representatives of the Development Policy Foundation and other partners identified one of the spots the most popular among residents of Nova Kakhovka which needed improvement – a clean water source near the municipal beach. The access to the water source was difficult; in the evening it was impossible as there was no lighting. The area lacked places where people could leave their clothes and other belongings while bathing.

Between 11 and 17 August, the organizers held the architectural workshop. The event was attended by students from Poland and Ukraine, architects, representatives of public organizations. On 12 August, the organizers and workshop participants met and talked to the residents of Nova Kakhovka, using the format of direct consultation, to confirm the choice of the location for improvement – the water source in the municipal park. Also, city residents voiced their expectations and practical suggestions for improving the area around the source: lighting, places to seat, handrails.

Following the direct consultations, the architectural workshop participants from Poland and Ukraine sought to combine the wishes of the residents of Nova Kakhovka with the architectural experience and ideas for public space improvement. This resulted in joint implementation of the ideas developed – the water source area was equipped with lighting; benches were mounted and installed. In addition to modern design and high quality equipment, the local community now benefits from a comfortable public space where people can have good time at any moment.

Improvement of the water source public area in Nova Kakhovka is a successful example of cooperation between NGOs, citizens and local authorities.

The Regional Development Centre “Top-Kaya” has successful experience of collaboration with the Development Policy Foundation since 2014. In 2015, they jointly implemented a project on public consultations and improvement of public space in Hola Pristan, Kherson region.