Regional Development Centre ‘Top-Kaya’

Regional Development Centre “Top-Kaya” is a Ukrainian non-governmental organization with extensive experience in capacity building, network development, information campaigning and project implementation.

Top-Kaya’s mission is to empower governments, businesses and people to jointly contribute to sustainable development of cities and rural areas in the Black  Sea region by building their managerial capacity, by implementing innovative, practical and tailor-made projects, and through dissemination of best practices.

Over the last 8 years, Top-Kaya implemented more than 20 partner projects, including national and international ones, with local resources and international financial assistance. Top-Kaya’s experts delivered over 150 trainings on various topics, mainly connected with project development and implementation, organizational development, partnership building, team management, etc. Experts of Top-Kaya have worked in various international programs, including USAID, UNDP and EU-funded projects. Successful examples of intersectoral partnership development on local and regional level, such as long-term strategies, communication plans, branding for territories, are part of the organization’s portfolio.

Top-Kaya was founded in 2008 in Bakhchisaray, Crimea, with a special emphasis on supporting public initiatives, development of tolerance and mutual understanding, cultural and social undertakings. Over time, the organization widened the focus to foster local development though capacity building and intersectoral partnership. 

Top-Kaya is a member of the national network “Public Initiatives of Ukraine”. It has reliable partners in all oblasts of Ukraine as well as in Czech Republic, Georgia, Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia.

In 2014, following the annexation of Crimea by Russia, Top-Kaya was forced to relocate to the mainland Ukraine, and reregistered in Chernivtsi. While the organization accepted the challenge of new wider geographical perspectives and strives to work in various regions of Ukraine, a special focus remains on the southern regions of the country. Top-Kaya also makes efforts to maintain the Crimean dimension on the agenda of the Ukrainian civil society through small initiatives.

The main areas of Top-Kaya’s activities include:

  • Strategic planning of municipal and rural development
  • Tourism and culture as vectors of sustainable economic growth
  • Local environment, small businesses and employment
  • Informal education, youth development and volunteerism
  • European values promotion and European integration

Our partners are government bodies, businesses and non-governmental organizations in Ukraine and abroad.