BRD-NET project

Black Sea Regional Development Network: Transfer of Visegrad Experience in Regional Development to Black Sea EaP countries

The BRD-NET project’s aim was to strengthen the capacity of NGOs and local experts, and their ability to attract EU expertise and funding for regional development, and to improve synergies between the third sector’s and local governments’ initiatives in the Black Sea EaP countries by tapping into the experience of the Visegrad countries.

Project partner organizations represented each one of the four Visegrad countries: Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia. Over the period of last 25 years, these countries went up the road on which Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine are now standing. They have a unique valuable experience in different areas, including civil society development, establishment of partnerships between authorities, non-governmental organizations and businesses, introduction of European standards and values into the work of state bodies and local self-government.

BRD-NET project offered:

1) International online course on project development

A large number of calls for proposals and tenders is carried out in Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia with the aim of offering EU grants to support local and regional development project implementation. The success of applicants largely depends on their capacity to write correct project proposals. The participants of the online course will acquire knowledge in problem analysis, project proposal preparation for EU funds, setting up coalitions to implement projects. The course is developed by experience experts from the Visegrad countries and Ukraine. The learning process is organized as an online course and is primarily directed at representatives of non-governmental organizations and local government bodies. You can find more information about participation in the course at

2) Dialogues of Partners and Local Development Groups in pilot municipalities

Dialogues of Partners are discussion and networking events that were organized in 8 selected pilot municipalities to ensure communication and exchange between non-governmental organizations, local governments and business , and to gear them towards joint work. DoPs resulted in formation of Local Development Groups who scrutinized local development issues, and looked for solutions. The Groups comprising 10-15 participants progressively beacame local expert pools who made successful steps to turn emerging ideas into specific projects. A part of each Group had the opportunity to participate in the international online course on project development.

3) Information hub

The website offers the essential information necessary for problem analysis and project proposals preparation as well as fundraising for local development needs. Besides a special library, exemplary success stories and news, the visitors can find up-to-date information about the ongoing calls for proposals in regional development and adjacent topics.

The project was implemented by the Regional Development Centre ‘Top-Kaya’ in partnership with organizations from Georgia, Moldova and Visegrad countries, and is supported by the International Visegrad Fund

Contact details: Regional Development Centre ‘Top-Kaya’, tel.: +38 066 22 77 220,

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