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Online course on project development

The online course on project proposal preparation was developed as a part of the ‘BRD-NET: Black Sea Regional Development Network’ project, implemented by the Regional Development Centre ‘Top Kaya’ and supported by the International Visegrad Fund. The BRD-NET project was aimed at building the capacity of non-governmental and governmental organizations, and strengthening their partnership in Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia, through the transfer of the Visegrad countries’ experience.

The online course includes theory, examples of implemented projects, useful materials and links. Each module of the course is followed by a multiple-choice question test. The successful completion of the test is required to access the next module. Given the participation of three beneficiary countries, the core materials of the course are currently available in English and Russian, additional materials are proposed in English.

The course was designed with participation of experts from Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine. The course is proposed to NGOs, youth associations, representatives of local authorities and self-government, active citizens.

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